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Donate to Alsen St. Irma Lee Community Village

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Alsen St. Irma Lee community village is a dedicated community-based organization committed to empowering and enriching the lives in Alsen. Our community faces unique educational challenges, such as limited access to quality learning resources, financial constraints, and lack of specialized programs designed for the needs of this community. These factors have hindered the growth and development of the community. Our program aims to provide accessible and inclusive learning opportunities for children, youth, adults, and senior citizens. Through a wide range of workshops, training sessions, seminars, and skills development courses, we strive to equip the community with the knowledge and tools they need in this underprivileged and underserved community.

To make a donation please send a check payable to: Alsen St. Irma Lee Community Village to P.O. Box 73129 Baton Rouge, LA 70874

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